Bright Lights, Big City

What drives you?

Not knowing what the day brings.

What makes you wake up every morning?

Breathe that first breath
Look in the mirror at your reflection.
Loving yourself; the way you should be loved.

What makes you follow that first thought that comes to mind?

Whether to walk out the door with a smile or hide in your room asking,

what if?

These questions are called, 
‘Your Intuition’. 
You are a human being who needs to fully exist in this lifetime.
Be aware in the city &
let the lights guide you to your purpose. that bright light in a big city filled with big dreams…


Lady In Red.

Lady in the Red Dress
You always see her,
ready to dress and impress
but nobody takes time to know the real reason behind this beautiful empress

She’s a fighter

She’s a lover 

A fearless solider

One of a kind woman
who just wants to be respected for her pure heart
and kindred spirit
The intense color RED is a true reflection of her
but sometimes overpoweres the true intentions of this gentle soul
It’s a balance of true ying and yang
Only she knows the battles endured within her mind, body and spirit.

Lady in the Red dress
you always see her,

Don’t ever judge,

underestimate or

take advantage of her.
For she could be your
mother, daughter or wife…

like a flower

​i compare myself to a flower

i look beautiful in appearance
but nobody knows the endurance one had to go through to become so colorful, so beautiful and bright
how do you think a flower gets it’s  stems to stand so tall all day and night?
because all the roots started from soil; 
but as time passes it needs to grow to survive
it needs the nourishment from



talk to it

pay attention to it

if not, it slowly withers and dies
taking care of a flower is similar to my soul
who just wants to be loved but by the right hands
with tender love and care. 

Holding On

​When it comes to my unconditional love, it can be overshadowed by false love

I have a bad habit of replacing the bad with good
Falling before I stand up straight
And speak before I’ve been spoken to
It’s a really bad habit

But I’m learning to embrace these habits of mine
And turning them into motivation and a driving force to get me to where I need to be, which is my happy place.
Where there is such thing as
a true addition to *my self love*
holding hands
long walks on the beach
and kissing until we feel our souls are connected

So there is no such thing as false hope or love
The only way to find it is already in me so….
I’m holding on to that feeling 

It’s My Time

​There is something about the time when I know that I’ve reached my peak. It’s between late spring and early summer. 

When the flowers start blooming,
When the air smells fresher,
When my mind starts to spark and
My eyes start to open…

I feel like I’m about to make a difference and set that goal for the rest of my year. When I start being creative and the ideas are flowing through me like electricity, I go with that and keep going until the circuit blows up.

And all I can think to myself is…
it’s my time, 

either it’s now or never!



My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style. Maya Angelou

Design is my natural born gift but writing is what keeps me sane. While most people can go infront of a crowded room and speak with such passion and confidence, I always chose to use that same energy through words. As a child, I was very shy and always put actions, thoughts and fears into writing or drawing which later evolved into a true passion and love for the arts. 

I got more inspired to write when I discovered Maya Angelou. I was 13 years young and searching for some kind of guidance for motivation to continue writing. Reading my first poem of Maya’s, I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings, I had no idea how to even feel. I later realized how spiritually deep her words can be which changed my life. 

As I matured, reading her poetry made me discover that it’s not how well you can write it’s about finding the root of where all your emotions and feelings are coming from and not being afraid of embracing it. It also challenges you mentally and helps you seek the uncertain and question the unquestionable.

I’m proud to say that writing is a never-ending journey, whether it’s poetry, short stories, articles or even blog posts (lol), I’m open and willing for all possibilities.

From Then (Thursday March 7, 2002):

To Now:

Creating is a process

Sometimes you’ll have your good days and some bad but one thing to be aware of is there is always a beginning and an ending
If you want it you gotta learn it, then build it and then earn it. Respect the struggle; that’s the only way to get through it.

Chapters makes every great story. Acknowledging this will put you back together, page by page, until you’re *one* with *self*

To have this level of wisdom you first need to gain knowledge and understanding of all things unquestionable  in this lifetime

That is the secret to success