Video Inspiration: Viola Davis 2017 Oscar Speech

I became an artist and thank GOD I did because we are the only profession that celebrates what it means to live a life.




“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes; Art is knowing which ones to keep”

The foundation for 
becoming an artist is finding yourself. To accept growth, in this case, is to always  look to the past for some healthy inspiration. There is something so precious about being a child and having the ability to be free and unabashed with all your thoughts and feelings and then you grow up. 

Personally, finding inspiration from my fashion illustrations helps. As a child I always had a huge appreciation for the arts and expressed myself through art, words and colors; these three major qualities from my past, is apart of my growth through this artistic journey.  

Fashion Illustrations from 2006-2010

Inspiration: Hidden Beauty-the mask represents living in a world based on status and beauty so by hiding our faces we can let the fabric speak.

Inspiration: College project based on women’s sportswear apparel. I wanted to be a sportswear designer at one point in my life

Inspiration: I live for color and structure when I’m sketching; I really wanted to portray the woman that loves bold colors at the top and mix the 1950’s classic silouette at the bottom

Basic Sketch Tutorial 

Basic Garment Sketch

Book: Colors and Modern Fashion, Drawing Fashion With Colored Markers By Nancy Riegelman