Don’t be afraid to go where the universe leads you- ‘A Wise Man’

I wasn’t always comfortable with sewing, especially with my traditional fabric and prints. Traditional sewing and craftmanship in Africa, is more of a way of life, not just a trend portrayed in western culture. What held me back many times was the influence of others. Despite what others thought of me, I kept reinventing. I had to start over, from the beginning, more than once.

Like a child learning how to ride a bike, I had to struggle. Experiencing the struggle of life will teach you that nothing is impossible and the only way to achieve anything is to become open to the universe and it’s offerings. The most important part is the amount of dedication and practice I put into my craft. These are the mantras that builds my mental strength

4 Motivational Mantras 

  1. I’m worthy and living with a purpose 
  2. Take one day at a time 
  3. I’m not going to get off *my* path 
  4. I ‘ll never forget where I came from

As much as I’m inspired by these mantras, my first and major influences is family.  I got my aggressive spirit from my dad and sharp intution from my mom. 

She was a working mom and smart buisness women; as a young girl I always wanted to emulate that. She raised me to always have integrity, work hard, and stay humble. Having an understanding of this shaped me into buisness driven, independent woman. Today, I can finally accept that I’m a working fashion designer, building my career and not just someone who can just “sew”.  It’s ok to be who you are, accept your process and to not apologize for it.


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